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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 9, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PST

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ridiculous. paterno and many others morally guilty? definitely. there are many sad stories here, including mr. paterno not seeing that his time at penn state should have ended many years ago. not for being a stumbling 84-year-old who can't get out of his own way, but a knowing party to what is one of the most disturbing and disgusting scandal in ncaa history. keep the comments coming. thanks, as always, for your comments. >> that's it for us. "cnn newsroom" starts right now with kyra phillips. herman cain angry, defiant and leaving no wiggle room in denying that he sexually harassed anyone. >> with respect to the most recent accusation, i have never acted inappropriately with anyone. >> and today he faces his
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republican rivals in a presidential debate. but it's possible he could soon face an even tougher crowd. all of his accusers at a single news conference. that's the idea actually being pitched by karen kraushaar one woman who accused him of sexual harassment in the 1990s. she said she is ready to go before the camera with women with similar stories. joe johns, that is video from a number of years ago where we were seeing kraushaar. we have no new video of her at this point. herman cain was on late-night tv laughing, brushing off all these accusations and yesterday, joe, it was all business. what do you think, is this a sign of how serious this scandal has become in. >> yeah, kyra, you get the feeling someone here is operating in a parallel universe. whether herman cain or his accusers. cain issued a blanket denial of all allegations of inappropriate
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behavior with anyone. "i can categorically say i have never acted inappropriately with anyone period." so, it will be up to him to defend that statement as far as his plans going forward. cain did say he is not going to drop out of the race and blamed democrats for putting out a troubled woman for what he made false allegations against him and didn't know the women, apparently speaking of sharon bialek that is speaking with gloria allred. allred denies being manipumented by democrats. he said he would take a lie detector test and he said he would not do it unless he had good reason to. it is not what he would consider good. a better reason than if the number of accusers threatened to get together and go out in public and tell their stories at one time and one place, which, as you said, an idea that has already been floated. >> cain says he does know and
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does remember karen kraushaar. tell us more about her and her plans moving forward. >> she is the one that has floated the idea of getting all thucusers together. she worked at the government, worked at the national restaurant association back in the day. she says she got $46,000 in the sexual harassment settlement after she complained about cain's behavior. she just went public, but has also been called on to discuss the fact that besides the cain complaint she filed a workplace complaint with a different employer, which is the immigration and naturalization service. she says that was about trying to get some workplace accommodations because he was in a debilitating car accident and the second complaint had nothing to do with harassment. kyra, as we go on and on as these accusers come out and talk, the things that went on in their past are naturally going to be discussed, as well.
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>> joe johns, thanks so much. our cnn contributor maria c cardona knows her very well. maria was her boss right after herman cain. we'll get her take on kraushaar personally and professionally next hour. the election results are in and two republican backed measures go down in flames. one, the controversial parenthood measure in mississippi. it would have banned all abortions in the state, even in cases of rape or incest. senior political editor mark preston in washington. let's talk about how significant this defeat is. >> very significant, kyra. let's start off in mississippi. the parenthood amendment would have defined the idea of the very much against this. the fact of the matter is has the initiative passed on in mississippi would have given supporters who want to outline
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abortion to outlaw abortion all across the nation. in mississippi, another big loss for conservatives. specifically the republican governor joined kasich. there was a law on the books that he pushed through that was rejected by voters up there. his law would have, was curtailing the rights, the collective bargaining rights of public sector employees. now, we all know that ohio is going to be a huge, huge state next year, major battleground state in the presidential election. democrats saw this as a huge win for them, a huge win for unions and, really, a test of how they can mobilize, kyra, against republicans and especially what they say is initiatives are hurtful to american workers. kyra? >> let's talk about the mississippi governor's race and the recall vote in arizona. >> sure. just very quickly. republicans held on to the governor's race, the governor seat down there. haley barbour was term limited out. the new governor is going to be
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phil bryant. also in kentucky, democrats held on to that seat, as well. steve beshear won a second seat and huge loss for russell pierce who lost to a fellow republican. pierce is the author of that very hardline anti-immigration law that, of course, has made national and international headlines. kyra. >> mark preston, thanks so much. we'll have your next political update in just about an hour. for all the latest political news, you can always go to our website hundreds of penn state students show up outside coach joe paterno's home as he returns from practice last night. as you can see, coach accused of doing the bear minimum in reporting child rape charges was visibly moved. >> we want joe! >> and i want you. and i want you guys.
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it's hard for me to tell you how much this means to me. the kids that are victims, whatever they want to say, i think we ought to say a prayer for them. tough life. when people do certain things to you. but, anyway, you've been great. >> jason carroll is covering the story for us from state college, pennsylvania. so, what's the latest on paterno's fate, jason? >> that is the big question, kyra. a lot of folks asking, will he be able to stick around and hold on to his position? his son, scott paterno, saying that the report that was out there, saying that joe paterno was going to have to step down, even before this weekend's game was false. you heard joe paterno speaking in front of his home last night. he was not the only one. listen to what scott paterno had
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to say about that report that his father was going to have to resign. >> any discussion of strategy has not taken place with anyone that is advising joe or joe himself. that's all i can tell you. >> no discussion between the university at all? >> as far as he's concerned he's coaching saturday and for the foreseeable future? >> yeah, nothing's changed. >> so, even though you have seen a lot of supporters out there in front of paterno's home and actually right here on the campus here at penn state. a lot of critics, as well, kyra, saying that even though joe paterno legally did what he was supposed to do in terms of reporting that allegation of sexual assault that allegedly occurred here on the campus, morally, he just didn't do enough. kyra? >> now, jason, i understand you're getting new information about possibly more victims coming forward? >> that's correct. a source close to the investigation has confirmed to me that a man walked into a police station not far from here
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claiming that sandusky had assaulted him. and if that's the case, that would bring the number of victims up to nine. in addition to that, the police tipline has received numerous calls, more than a dozen calls coming into their tipline from people claiming to have been assaulted by sandusky, as well. so, a lot of calls coming in. but this was expected, kyra, because you'll remember the attorney general said on monday that given the fact that this man had had so much access to so many young people for such a long period of time, they expected more victims to come forward, but you remember just because people were coming forward and making allegations, those allegations have to be vetted and they have to be investigated before those people can officially be declared a victim. >> jason carroll, state college, jason, thanks. well, thousands of students are storming the streets in london. take a look at these live pictures right now. they say that they have had it
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with tuition hikes. once again, you can see they've taken to the streets. if this is anything like the last round of protests, police are now bracing for the worst. atika shubert is there in london. these protesters are working their way towards the heart of the occupy movement, right? >> that's right. in fact, several people from the "occupy" movement have now gone to join that protest. we are actually on a street where those students are going to be coming down. as you can see behind me, quite a lot of police. a very heavy police presence today. police don't want to be caught off guard. they put about 4,000 cops on the street today and you might be able to see behind me, as well, they boarded up a lot of the offices around here already to try to prevent anybody from smashing in. banks, in particular, as you can imagine, are very concerned. and police say that if it gets that bad, if it gets violent and disorderly, they do also have the authority to use rubber bullets, if necessary. remember, just about a year ago,
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it did get very bad, thousands of students flooded in to the conservative party headquarters and smashed their way in through there and police do not want to see a repeat of that today. >> ateaka, we will definitely follow these protesters, these live pi live pictures if it's anything like the last time this happened, it got a bit violent and we hope it will remain peaceful, which it looks like it is at this moment. thanks so much. after years of sex scandals and corruption trials, it turns tout is the economy that is taking down silvio berlusconi. let's talk about why now and why is the economy becoming the final straw for his tenure? >> well, the thing is, right now we know what's happening in italy right now, kyra. there are two c words that italians and investors want to hear. that is clarity and confidence. it seems they're not getting either of that. what we saw today happening in the markets here in this part of the world is that the italian bond yields hit about 7%.
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just over 7% and that is like the red zone for investors. right now basically an indication that both italians and investors around the world are not getting that sense of clarity or confidence, despite the fact that berlusconi will resign. he noun he announced that yesterday. saying he is not going to get a majority support from within his own party or the parliament itself in order to pass the very stiff budget measures from last year. in order to go forward and instill some sort of confidence from within the euro zone, he would need to have the budget measures passed and he got a great talking to from the german and french heads of state during the g-20 to say he needed to get something done. something needed to be done in italy to get things sorted in italy. they're not getting that clarity or confidence right now, that's what the markets are indicating. what we're hearing from reaction around the world in the newspaper headlines, as well. let me give you a few examples. the "wall street journal" in the
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end, it was the economy. the opinion piece says for years mr. berlusconi clung to power while fending off sex scandals and corruption trials. by the time italy began to creep into the cross hairs of the euro zone crisis, mr. berlusconi and his forces were caught perilously. there could be no clear indication that in italy it is the man who is the immediate problem and not the country, whereas in greece, it has been the other way around. and, finally, "the national" a paper from the united arab emirates has the headline, coalition turns on italian premier. on the streets of rome and the provinces in the view of many political and financial analysts, the end of the berlusconi era is not only near, but offers the country's best hope of finding solutions to the present predicament. kyra? >> thanks. and a former penn state football player coached by jerry
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sandusky says he's shocked by the sex abuse case. buffalo bills brian scott talks to me, next. also ahead, thousands of in fireworks igniting all at once. the glitch that made this scotland display over in the blink of an eye. [ man and woman ] hello? hello?! what are these guys doing? [ horn honks ] could you please not honk while this guy's telling me about his chevy volt? is that that new... is that the electric car? yeah. but it takes gas too. ask him how much he spends on gas. how much does he spend on gas? how much do you spend on gas? how much do i spend on gas? if i charge regularly, i fill up like once a month. he only has to fill up about once a month. [ woman ] wow. that's amazing.
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checking stories across country now. at least 17 employees of idaho's
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national lab will be monitored after being expose yesterday. there is no risk to the public. folks in goodland, indiana, say it looks like a bomb went off. the town's 50-year-old water tower unexpectedly collapsed late last night or monday night, rather. unleashing an estimated 250,000 gallons of water. it damaged nearby homes and it's blamed for igniting a house fire. and a real-life gilligan's island. the u.s. coast guard delivers. in this case, desperately needed food and supplies to seven fishermen who were stranded on a deserted pacific island. australia's navy later rescued the men. the penn state child rape case has shocked the nation, especially those who played football for coach jerry sandusky. bryan scott currently plays with the buffalo bills, that's him right there, number 43 making the tackle in this highlight. scott was a three-year starter at penn state and played one season under then assistant
6:18 am
coach sandusky, who is now facing these charges of rape. i spoke exclusively with bryan earlier this morning. >> my first reaction was, i really couldn't believe it. and i still can't believe it. this is just like a nightmare. never in a million years would i have ever thought that jerry would be capable of doing these things. these allegations are just so serious that i'm just completely floored. >> now, he coached you in 1999. tell me what he was like and did you ever get any strange vibes from him or think that his behavior was odd in any way? >> as a coach and as a person, he was just, he was top notch. i saw the way that he interacted with, you know, well, myself, my other teammates. even with the second hire
6:19 am
program, i saw the way he interacted with the kids and he just seemed like a great, great person. no, there were never any signs of any type of foul play. >> if you could come face-to-face with sandusky today, what would you say to him, bryan? >> oh, man. that's tough. that's tough. that's tough. what really, what can you say? >> you know, i'm -- that's a tough one. i don't even know if i would have any words, really. >> well, bryan scott, not only played for jerry sandusky, he was room mates with sandusky's son, john. what bryan has to say to john sandusky next hour in "cnn newsroom." u.s. stocks set for a brutal open. dow futures showing a 200-point drop. we'll go to new york stock exchange for an update.
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and this fireworks display, well it dazzled the crowd right off the bat. then it abruptly stopped. we'll tell you about the glitch that made the whole event short but sweet. what's this? it's progresso's new loaded potato with bacon. it's good. honey, i love you... oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. ♪ what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. ♪ imagine me and you, i do ♪ i think about you day and night ♪ ♪ it's only right ♪ to think about the girl you love ♪ ♪ and hold her tight ♪ so happy together [ male announcer ] when life changes, so can your insurances needs.
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chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ nchsh. well, it was a once in a lifetime event a celebration in scotland topped off by an exstrav gnt firework display. rob marciano here to explain the inside details. >> these things are corioographed very specifically. they're now computers are involved. that's when you throw the red flag. this particular display was supposed to take, i don't know, 10, 20, maybe 30 minutes and
6:23 am
they blew the whole thing up in 50 seconds. apparently there was a bit of a computer glitch and like kyra mentioned, the audience there got quite a show. you know, scotland is a beautiful country. great things to do. >> you have great golf courses for scenery. >> great scotch, what have you. speaking of, don't light any fireworks in georgia on sunday any more because you're allowed to buy booze. let's look at some other pictures that are cool. check this out. all right, we kind of mentioned this last week. this is the sun, close-up shots of it and that's a coronal mass ejection, an active sunspot that released an ex-solar flaire, which is the strongest kind. it wasn't pointed at earth at the time. this is what it looked like when it was going down. this limb. the sun rotating in this way. this was on the third or fourth of november as that ex-flare
6:24 am
shot out the side of the sun. but now the sun and that sun spot, this very large sun spot which is 50,000 miles in diameter by eight times the size of earth is now directly pointed at earth. so, if we get another ex-flare and that could happen, they think this during this week, that has the potential to knock out satellites. we might see northern lights in some spots, but we're watching this carefully for the potential of ex-flares. if you relate that to the scotland story, that would blow all your fireworks at once and that wouldn't necessarily be good. >> how that all came back to booze in georgia on sundays. there you go, rob. only you. >> good to see you, kyra. >> always a pleasure. well, stocks on wall street jumped yesterday after we got word that italian prime minister silvio berlusconi would step down but today is a totally different story. right, alison kosik. >> yes. today you want to fasten that seat belt in about six minutes
6:25 am
when the opening bell rings. the dow is looking to fall 200 points and the s&p 500 will get hit hard, as well. you know what spooked stocks, the bond parkt. specifically the ten-year yield is above 7%. that's a record high. that's crisis level. that shows little confidence. the fact is, no one wants to loan money to italy at this point because it's questionable whether italy can pay its bills because you go and compare it to what happened with other countries when their bond yields topped 7%, as well, they needed a bailout, as well. greece, ireland, portugal, they all needed help within two months that their bonds were topping 7%. at this point, kyra, many are wondering if italy is too big to bail out. it's drowning in $2.6 trillion in debt. kyra? >> all right, so, what happened to all this optimism after bu berlusconi said he was going to step down? >> what a difference a day makes. yeah, the thinking yesterday was berlusconi's resignation would lead to fiscal changes. but you know, reality set in. no quick fix for the debt crisis
6:26 am
in italy. it's this big. italy's issues you have to compare it to greece, are bigger than dwroogreece at this point. italy is europe's third biggest economy. its debt load is six times bigger than what greece is carrying. it is not going to help italy's economy grow any faster. all this reality is setting in now that investors had a chance to sleep on it, to sleep on what happened and, yeah, they're looking to run for the exits in about four minutes. kyra? >> all right, we will bring our viewers those numbers in four minutes. thanks, alison. coming up, minutes after another accuser goes public, herman cain takes the stage and denies any sexual harassment. our regulars roland martin and will kane weighing in next. one of the most popular rap artists of the '90s has died. a look at heavy d. ♪
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all right. this just in to the "cnn newsroom" greece's embattled prime minister will hand in his resignation to the country's president some time today. we're getting word that george papandreou confirmed to cnn just moments ago his resignation will come after he gives a. top stories now. a year-long investigation finds serious misconduct by mortuary staff at dover air force base in delaware. somehow the remains of several u.s. troops killed in action
6:31 am
were mishandled, even went missing. and a new report on iran's nuclear program has sparked criticism from france, israel and china. the paper revealed more evidence of military weapons work. iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad called the findings fabricated. everybody relax, we all survived that fly bye-bye the huge asteroid. the 1,000 foot space rock whizzed safely by earth giving nasa scientists this close up. all right, the herman cain controversy has quickly gone from he said/she said to he said/they said. the republican presidential candidate finally held a formal news conference to address at least four claims of sexual harassment. and he was defiant about the allegations and his first public accuser. >> my first response in my mind and reaction was, i don't even know who this woman is.
6:32 am
i have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period. >> cnn political analyst roland martin and will cain joining me now. bottom line, guys, do you believe him? i mean, roland, cain has gone from cracking jokes about this on jimmy kimmel to holding a news conference out of arizona with flags behind and no jokes, denying allegations. what do you think? >> obviously, he had to hold a news conference because when you had the woman from chicago come out and actually go before the cameras to actually give her story, that changed this whole situation. remember, you had anonymous folks talking compared to putting a face on a oth thought the news conference went fairly well, nothing he could have done because -- >> do you believe him?
6:33 am
>> yeah. no, here's the deal, though. this is the situation he is faced with. it's their word, it's his word. it comes down to a personal credibility and integrity. so, he could not have satisfied anybody yesterday, even if he said, well, i did it, and was one way of doing it and he denied it, so, people are still not satisfied. the voters at the end of the day will decide as opposed to anybody talking right now. what happens in iowa will determine his fate. >> what do you think about his so-called change in presentation, will, and do you believe him? >> i don't, i don't know, kyra. it's as you both have just said, it's a he said/she said and i don't know it's appropriate for either one of us to say who we believe. here's one hallmark of trust of the ability to believe someone. that is consistency. saying the same statement over and over. even yesterday at his press conference he said, emphatically, i don't even remember her. but then he said, i might
6:34 am
remember her later, i don't know. i'm not sure how the brain works. he has a habit of making emphatic statements and then altering them as time goes by. this exists both in substance like, i believe in electroified border fence and then changing that and it's now existing within the scandal. by the way, i like something roland said. my matter does not matter. roland's opinion does not matter. he said he would take a lie detector test. there's your story for the next couple weeks. there's the resolution to this issue. >> what else i want to ask you guys. i will go for it. you know politics and mudslinging and everything else. usually when these women who claim sexual harassment come forward. you know, the worst is assumed with regard to their character, their motives. why is that, roland? . >> this is about destruction of politics. remember, in politics, what happens is all about how can i tear down the person who is making the accusation.
6:35 am
so, whether it is democrat, whether it is republican, that is, that is always the motive. so, you have to attack the credibility of the person talking. this is all about credibility. and that's what the issue is, that's the problem. >> will, you agree? >> no, i don't. in fact, i emphatically disagree with both of you on this. i think that in the issues of sex scandals, all too often the accusation serves as a guilty verdict. we saw that with dominique strauss-kahn. if someone says you did something wrong in a sexual, in a sexual scandal, you are judged to have been guilty. this woman, is there an effort to tear her down? well, there is an effort to see if what she is saying is true. i think that is a valid, valid effort. >> but, kyra, remember, the point i was making is, when an allegation comes up, if you are a democratic candidate, what happens is the democratic machine begins to go after that person to attack their credibility. on the republican side, if it's
6:36 am
republican candidate same thing. and, so, one of those things i believe that herman cain made yesterday was calling her a troubled woman. you cannot attach such words to anybody because, again, that begins to raise doubt as to what are you trying to say? that was a mistake. as will said earlier, stick to your point. if you say it happened, be consistent there. once you begin to say troubled woman, you're putting doubt in somebody's mind and it doesn't make you look good. >> roland, will, thanks, guys. >> kyra, can i ask a quick question. i don't want to put you in an awkward position. how many buttons did you go down there, roland? >> i'm sorry you don't have a chest, my bad. >> okay, here we go. i think this is harassment right here and i'm moving out of this quickly. roland, will, i'll talk to you guys. oh, gosh, help me. coming up next, nancy grace gets the verdict on "dancing with the stars" last night.
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we'll tell you what the fans decided in our "showbiz" headlines. ( phone ringing )
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and checking stories across country now. in gracin county, texas, a lightning strike caused a fire at a salt injection plant. the smoke and flames could be seen for miles. luckily no one was hurt. a few terrifying moments in ft. myers, florida, a it-year-old boy slipped off a pier into the river. a 54-year-old man jumped in and he was rescued. and perhaps the most bizarre story of the morning, a woman was in jail for three days before police found out she had a stolen fur coat hidden in her
6:41 am
underwear. store surveillance video shows her actually stuffing the coat right there under her dress. well, one of hip-hop's most popular artists of the '90s died yesterday. known as heavy d., real name dwight myers. ♪ >> that was one of his biggest hits "now that we found love." let's bring in a.j. hammer for details on what exactly happened. a.j.? >> this is really sad news, kyra. particularly stunning because heavy d. has been out in public recently with his new album. he performed at that michael jackson tribute in wales a couple weeks ago but collapsed at his beverly hills home tuesday morning and died a short time later at a los angeles
6:42 am
hospital a short time later. the cause of death has not been determined. his career began in 1990s and he had hits like "the overweight lovers in the house" and this remake we're listening to "now that we found love." also reported hit songs with both janet and michael jackson and later on in his career we saw him shift away from music and got into acting. a variety of tv shows, in fact, in the new eddie murphy film, "tower heist" out in theaters right now. he was known for having a sweet sense of fun. on his twitter page, his slogan was, i have relentless optimism. i checked his twitter page. his last tweet from monday more important. told his twitter followers to be inspired. heavy d. was 44 and he will certainly be missed. well, monday, the "dancing with the stars" judges pretty cruel to our nancy grace, a.j. >> yeah. yeah. it was going to happen.
6:43 am
unfortunately, it happened last night. nancy voted off "dancing with the stars" but, look, she did great. she finished in fifth place overall on what is a truly grueling competition. "showbiz tonight" did catch up with her after the show last night, yeah, she was disappointed but she seemed really thankful to all the fans who have supported her. watch what she said. >> to all of the viewers that have stuck by me since way back when, stuck by me when i first started off with johnnie cochran, god rest his soul, when i was in the hospital with the twins, christmases, easters past, you never forgot us, thank you for voting for us and getting to know trystan and hopefully you'll have many more season to know him and i'll see you on the air. >> kyra, will you join me in a little round of applause. i'm all by myself in here. we have to give it for nancy grace. look, we got to see different sides of her and we got to see a little more of her in certain ways. and it was so much fun watching
6:44 am
nancy go through the experience. i think it was life changing for her, having spent some time with her out there in los angeles at the rehearsal hall. you can only feel good about what she was able to accomplish, i think. >> not only did we find out she is a great dancer, but she has a lot of heart and, you saw a humble nancy grace, too, which was pretty cool to see. usually she's going right after you, and boy, she took that criticism with a good nature for sure. >> yeah. she would only go after us, kyra, if we didn't call in whatever the maximum number of times. i'm at the top of the speed dial, right? you're going to call in, you're going to vote. maybe that helped get her through so far in the competition, i don't know. good for you, nancy. >> she always got me with the twins thing. asked me if the twins were voting for her. well, she's still a winner in our book. thanks so much. a.j. back next hour with more
6:45 am
"showbiz" headlines. coming up in the 10:00 hour, he'll talk about one of hollywood's most successful directors walking away from producing the oscars. the clock is ticking down on the nba's latest offer to the players, but the union is not budging. that story just ahead in sports. ♪ ♪ walk, little walk ♪ small talk, big thoughts ♪ gonna tell them all just what i want ♪ ♪ i said don't stop, don't stop ♪ ♪ don't stop talking to me [ male announcer ] the most legroom per dollar of any car in america. the all-new nissan versa sedan. from $10,990. innovation upsized. innovation for all. ♪ innovation upsized. not bad..only two meetings what's mytoday.ook like? can i walk to the belvedere hotel from here? here are directions to belvedere hotel. read me that text. new message from sarah russell:'see you soon'
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well, if there's any doubt that the global debt crisis doesn't affect us, it is. dow industrials down 269 points, as you can see. just less than 20 minutes ago that we reported word that it looks like the greek prime minister, papandreou will resign today. market reaction overseas and in the united states also word of
6:48 am
the possible fall of italy's silvio berlusconi. it is impacting our markets, as we speak. dow industrials continuing to stay in negative territory. they stood at the vanguard during the cold war and they did it miles beneath the ocean's surfa surface. you are about to meet the nuclear submarine crew that waited silently for orders they hoped would never come. it's today's "veterans in focus." >> it's not a natural thing to submerge your ship in water. the mission of the submarine is not to give itself away. to remain didn't want to make a of a noise that a fish didn't
6:49 am
make. all of the submariners, when they go to sea, that they're in harm's way. >> basically on patrol for 60 days at a clip submerged all the time. >> i had to learn my job and my job well so i could keep my shipmates alive and healthy. >> my life depended on other shipmate. didn't matter if they were seamen or captain. >> the world's first nuclear powered submarine. i was onboard for four years from 1957 to 1961. when i was onboard i was a sonar supervisor. a couple pieces of equipment in there are the same ones that i operated. i think the political climate at the time was one of tension between us and the "ussr." we could be in the harbor and
6:50 am
nobody would know that we were there. we could be in the coast and nobody would know that we were there. >> our adversaries knew that we were out there and they couldn't find us. that's what the cold war was about. >> we just hoped that every time we went to battle stations, that it was a drill because we all ie would may be in pieces. >> i think we're probably a unique bunch of guys who think that we're better than everybody else. >> special, special fraternity. and it's so different than any other service. >> veterans in focus brought to you by usaa proudly serving the financial needs of the military,
6:51 am
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oh, i'll try the largest. oh, that is too bad. apparently you don't know chase freedom guarantees you 1% cash back. 4 times more than the largest cash back card, which only gives you a quarter percent until you spend $3,000 every year. but have fun. bob and weave once you're in there. don't get short changed. get your cash back. chase freedom. stish stories making news today, the first-ever nationwide test of the emergency system will be conducted. there's a 5:00 p.m. deadline to accept the offer from owners. all right, well, following developments the next hour. let's check in first with jason
6:54 am
carol live in state college, pennsylvania. jason? >> and kyra, calls for joe paterno's resignation keep coming in. that does not mean that he doesn't have his supporters. i'll have an update on that plus the latest in the investigation coming up. >> i'll alison of the new york stock exchange where i'm watching stocks sell off. the dow plunging. the big question here, will europe's third biggest economy need a bail out? i'm going to have details in the next hour. sfwl i'm elizabeth cowen in atlanta. just when you thought you've heard everything, a story comes along and you say what? i'll tell you why they're doing this at the top of the hour. >> all right, guys, thanks so much. also next hour, new background on the second woman to publicly accuse herman cain of harassm t
6:55 am
harassment. her former boss, maria cardona next.
6:56 am
6:57 am
as you know, we've been closely following the penn state child abuse sex case. jeff is here to talk more about joe pateron. a lot of people don't understand how big of a coaching legend he
6:58 am
is. >> he always got credit for doing it the right way. he calls it the grand experiment, making sure his athletes are students first, always a high graduation rate. this year, he has another great team. the nittany lions are ranked 12 in the nation. pateron turns 85 next month. an incredible resume. 409 wins. he's won two national titles since he became head coach at penn state in 1966. it's really hard to overstate what he has meant to the score. he and his wife donated over $4 million to the school. when he started, penn state's endowment was zero, now it's almost over a billion dollars. all right, we are now just about seven hours away from the nba owners take it or leave it deadline. the players yesterday said we'll leave it. but they hope to meet with owners for more negotiations.
6:59 am
the players aren't giving an inch. if they don't take the offer on the table, any future offer will be worse. the two sides are battling over how to split $4 million in league profits. the stars takes the out let pass, nice move gets tripped but scores anyway. the stars win 5-2. the stars are in the bottom of the league in payroll, but at the top of the standings in the western conference. check out this wave. 90 feet high. garrett mcnamara rides it. 90 feet. look at that. >> oh my gosh, that makes me claustrophobic just looking at it. >> i grew up on the beach, but that's just great. >> i grew up in san diego. but that freaks me out. thanks, jeff.
7:00 am
>> it's just about the top of the hour. thanks for joining us. we begin with the fall out from the penn state child sex abuse case and how it's now putting joe paterno's's job in jeopardy. he's taking some heat now for not doing more to report alleged abuse. but, still, hundreds of students gathered outside his home last night. he's joining us live from state college, pennsylvania. jason, there are a number of calls out there for paterno to step down. what is the latest on his fate? >> well, lots of calls coming not just from students, but alumni, as well. some people here in the community. you hear reports repeatedly that he's going to step down. one report said it would be before this weekend's game. another report coming out saying
7:01 am
it's going to be by the end of the year. when you hear from the paterno camp, at least late last night, scott paterno said there have been no discussions. they were shouting joe, joe, joe. we want you to listen to what joe paterno had to say to them. >> my wife and i, we have 17 grand kids. from 16 to 3. and we pray for them every night. and we're going to start praying for those kids that got involved with some of the problems that we talked about. they don't deserve it. we owe it to them to say a prayer for them. >> once again, kyra, yesterday we heard a report that joe paterno would resign before this weekend. his son, scott, says not true.
7:02 am
now we hear another report saying that paterno will resign by the end of the year. the point is the push is there for this man to step down. >> what about the board of trustees? >> board of trustees has really taken this investigation over. they have formed a committee. and, on friday, they are going to be naming people to this committee to investigate all of these allegations of sexual abuse and how it was handled and that they're going to end up making recommendations. in a statement, they say, "we hear those of you who feel betrayed. and we want to assure all of you that the board will take swift, decisive action." also, today at noon, there's going to be a protest possibly here on campus where they'll be protesting the way that the university has handled these allegations of sexual assault. >> jason, thanks.
7:03 am
>> well, herman cain, angry, defiant and leaving no wiggle room in denying that he sexually harassed women. >> with respect to the most recent accusatioaccusation, i h acted inappropriately with anyone. period. >> and, today, he faces his republican rivals in a presidential debate. but it's possible he could soon face an even tougher crowd. all of his accusers at a single news conference. that's the idea being pitched by one of the women who's accused him of sexual harassment in the 1990s. hours after a news organization revealed her name, she's now ready to go before the cameras with women who have similar allegations against cain. joe, on monday night, herman
7:04 am
cain was on late night tv, as we were talking about, laughing, joking around, basically brushing off the accusations. but it was all business yesterday. so what do you take from that? is he taking this scandal more seriously? >> well, it's certainly clear that he's been taking it siersly. and it's very interesting to see the contrast, quiet frankly, between that and where he is now. and there will be even more contrast when he gets to this debate in michigan and they start talking about economy and jobs. somewhere in there, people are going to be feeling questions about what's happening with him in his personal life. you get this feeling that he's operating in a parallel universe, in some ways. the question is whether it's herman cain or his accusers. he has issued the blink of denial. categorically denying he's never acted inappropriately with anyone, period, he says. so be it up to him to defend
7:05 am
that statement. as far as the plans going forward, cain says he's not going to drop out of the race. he blamed democrats for putting out what he called a troubled woman to make false allegations against him. he dbt know the woman. cain also said he would take a lie detector test. that's interesting, though, he quickly said he would not do it unless he had good reason to. not clear, kyra, what he considers a good reason. >> all right. joe johns. in just about 10 minutes from now, cain's accuser, through the eyes of a coworkers. maria cardona was her boss right after herman cain. we'll have her take both professionally and personally. well, cain's rivals ignored the sexual harassment claims.
7:06 am
but now the topic is creeping into their comments more and more. >> i just think that it's important to recognize that a number of women have come forward with concerns. this woman's charges are particularly disturbing and they're serious. >> obviously, they're -- they are very troubling. but these are things, i mean, they're allegations. herman has his opportunity to tell his side of the story and the american public can make a decision. >> clearly, herman cain has to answer the charges. he has to explain what happened. he has to do so in a way that's convincing. and i think that's unavoidable. he both owes her that and the american people that. >> well, it's not clear if any of cain's rivals will bring it up tonight. for millions of americans, the elections results are in. two republican-backed measures go down in flames.
7:07 am
one, the parenthood measure in mississippi. it would abandon all abortions in the state, even in rape or incest. >> yeah, huge, kyra. the mississippi voters rejected this ballot tuesday that would have defined the beginning of life at fertilization. it would have given anti-abortion right su porters to try to out law abortion in the united states. another big loss for conservatives up in ohio. governor john casik and republicans had put into place a law that would have curtailed collective bargaining rights. however, that was overturned wi the voters last night. this is a huge battle. especially as we head into the 2012 elections. the winners were the unions in the democratic party.
7:08 am
in the presidential election, democrats think this was an early win for them. >> tell us about the mississippi governor's race and the raum vote in arizona. >> sure. and, also, the kentucky governor's race. let's start in kentucky. the democrat won a sec term as governor. phil bryant will succeed hailey barber. and then out in arizona, gains national fan for being arizona's tough immigration law. so even though this was an off year and we are so focused, kyra, on 2012, a big election night last night. >> yes, it was. well, this morning, a couple of big markets are impacting stock markets here at home.
7:09 am
>> and the deepening debt crisis in etly is rattling the world. stocks are really taking a beating, alison. >> oh, they are. and just to give you an explanation is its's the italian bond market. i want to give you a comparison. italy's 10-year bond yield is above 7%. a comparison, look at u.s. and german bonds. you see how italian bonds are at record highs. and what this show social security that the crisis there is getting woors. it's not getting better. there's a huge question mark on whether italy can pay its bills. now, for any government to go ahead and try to pay its bills, these governments sell bonds to investors to raise money. and the higher yields that you're seeing in italy means that there's more risk. who wants to invest in a country that's drowning in debt. it means it italy has to pay
7:10 am
more interest in minute borrows. italy is going to have a harder time borrowing munl. all of this fear playing into the market. >> so is italy going to need a bail out? >> well, you know what, in greece, when their bonds hit 7%, they had to get a bail out. the same thing happened for ireland and portugal. what italy is facing is a much bigger bail out than those other countries neeted. it's even bigger. also, at some point, the money train is going to stop. germany and france wroelt a big fat check for a portion. at this point, they're fed up to say the least. the good news is the italian parliaments can be voted on as soon as this month. but if you ask, the market really wants to see this vote happen as of yesterday. >> all right.
7:11 am
alison coscick. of course, the global debt crisis, thanks. coming up rngs she's the second woman to go public in the herman woman to go ♪ blic in the herman [ male announcer ] we're not employers or employees. not white collar or blue collar or no collars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk, capital and employee benefits,
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7:14 am
all right. apparently, abc news and espn reporting that legendary penn state football coach joe paterno will step down at the end of the season.
7:15 am
the word is retire. that is what espn is saying. also, abc news, going forward with it, as well. joe paterno set to retire at the end of the season. this, of course, coming after these allegations of jerry sandusky molesting young boys. you know, penn state football players who played for coach jerry sandusky are pretty surprised and saddened. earlier this morning, i got a chance to speak with brian scott. he's now playing with the buffalo bills. and we actually talked about jerry sandusky's son, john, who brian roomed with. you know, brian, you said you haven't had a chance to talk to john. but if you could, if he sees this interview, what do you want to say to him? >> i just want to let him know that, john, i know you're going through a really, really tough
7:16 am
time, man. and, you know, i'm supporting you from a distance. i know it's not easy by any means, by any means. >> brian, how about these young boys that sandusky allegedly preyed on and molested. what do you say to them? >> oh, my heart bleeds for them. for the families. you know, words -- you can't put into words probably what they're going through not just now, but back then and having to stay quiet for so long. so my thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims. >> you know, joe paterno, too. what should happen to him? what should happen to joe paterno? >> man, and this is where i guess it gets really dicey because i don't know what was
7:17 am
told to coach paterno. and i started to hear rumors and comments that oh, he cared too much about winning and the football program than he did about the lives of these boys. but coach paterno, that's the same coach that i've seen sit down players because their grades weren't high enough, to his standards. not to ncaa standards, but to his standards. so i just find it really hard to believe that coach paterno would turn a cheek, you know, against allegations like this and not say anything. >> and, final question, brian, if, indeed, all of this proves true, that sandusky did molest these boys, what do you think should happen to him? >> you know, he's going to have to pay the consequences. there's no doubt about it. you know, what those consequences are, you know, i'm
7:18 am
sure the legal system will decide. but he definitely has to pay the consequences. >> any final thoughts as we wrap up our interview, brian? >> no, i mean, this is just, you know, it's just a sad day. i'm saddened for, you know, these stories developling. i'm saddened for the families that are going through this. i'm saddened for the sandusky family because i know, you know, that the man of your family is now accused of these allegations. i'm saddened for the penn state family. but we'll get through this. i think the penn state family will continue to support each other and rally behind each other and we'll get through it. >> bryan scott, sure aappreciate your time today. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. straight ahead, thousands of
7:19 am
angry students marching through the streets of london. police in riot gear watching their every move. students and their complaints right after the break. we're america's natural gas and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs across our country... ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists... ... adding nearly 400 billion dollars to our economy... we're at work providing power to almost a quarter of our homes and businesses... ... and giving us cleaner rides to work and school... and tomorrow, we could do even more. cleaner, domestic, abundant and creating jobs now. we're america's natural gas.
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. well, she lad hoped to stay anonymo anonymous. the second woman to publicly accuse herman cain of sexual harassment. everybody wants to know more about her. it just so happens that one of our own, cnn contributor, hired her right after kraushaar worked for herman cain. tell us about your experience with her? >> sure, kyra, thank you. so when i hired karen, i was
7:22 am
communications director at the ins, at the end of the clinton administration the last two years. at the time we were going through the fire storm that was gonzalez. everyone on our team was going through a very tense time. i needed somebody that i could send down to miami to talk about this can i hadifficult situatio. out of everybody on my team, i chose karen. from the very moment that she walked into my office, she exhibited nothing but the utmost of professionalism. she is a classy woman. she's a private woman. she's incredibly hard working. so, to me, all of those factors say that this was a woman that i needed to send down to miami under these very difficult circumstances. áuju of karen's, i have to say, to me, her credibility is beyond reproach cht. >> and she said to you thank you
7:23 am
so much for hiring me away from my other job. but, at that point, she didn't say anything to you about herman cain, correct? until this came out? >> that's exactly right, kyra. at the time, she -- i always said how grateful she was for me hiring her at ins. she said maria, you didn't know me from adam and you took a chance on me. she always said how grateful it was to be working for a woman and the commissioner at the time that the ins was a woman. the deputy commissioner was a woman. the attorney general, as you remember, janet reno was a woman. she always talked about how amazing it was to be working with all of these incredibly strong women and how dwraet that made her feel. so when i found out that she was one of the accusers and i reached out to her and we have been talking ever since, she has since told me maria, now you know why i was so incredibly grateful to you for hiring me and for showing me what a safe
7:24 am
working environment could be like. and she said to me, you saved me from that monster. and, clearly, she was talking about the horrendous experience that she went through at the national restaurant association with mr. cain. >> and you clarified this this morning, but for our viewers just tuning in, there's this other complaint that apparently she filed. but it didn't have anything to do with sexual harassment. can you just clarify what you know about that? and can you explain to us for those saying, okay, is this woman someone who just files complaints in moments of difficulty, or is this somebody that's strong willed and stands up for what is right. >> i think you've hit the nail on the head with the latter. i have sinced talked to her about that misunderstanding. and what what happened was when i was at the i.n.s., when i was director of communications, there was an employee that worked in our office who had chronic back problems. and because she was such a good employee, i let her work from
7:25 am
home. when i left, my understanding is that karen got into a pretty bad car wreck and had some issues and she asked for the same courtesy and the same privilege that i had previously extended to one of my employees. i had since then left. my understanding is that that privilege was not granted to her. so she filed a complaint. but she got pushed back and then it was dropped. so that is the extent in terms of that specific complaint. and, yes, carnal is not somebody that files frivolous complaints. she is a strong-willed woman. she knows what a professional environment needs to be like for a woman. and she will stand up for herself. and that is why i am now standing up for her just to tell as much as i can about karen, the woman. karen the employee in terms of her credibility, which, in my eye, is, again, beyond reproach. >> maria cardona cht and you're
7:26 am
one of our own. well, thousands of students storming the streets in london. they say they've had it with tuition hikes. so shs once again, they've taken to the streets. if this is anything like the last round of protests, the police are bracing for the worst. atika, we saw how violent they become. now, they are working their way to wads the heart of the occupy moment. have theink reached this other group of protesters yet? >> that's right. this is the heart of the financial industry. as you can see, the bulk of the protesters already arriving here, moving beyond me largely without incident. it has been peaceful, so far. one or two minor scuffles. we saw someone briefly try to break the barricade here. but, really, for the most part, very peaceful. a number of financial sector workers are in these glass fronted officfront
7:27 am
ed offices looking down on the protesters here. but, otherwise, other than that, it really seems to be fairly well organized, making the point with the message, as you can see, education, not business. this protest is os tensively about government cuts and stopping the tripling of education fees. but it's also about solidarity with the occupy movement, generally, an expression of that widespread, public anger of how the economic crisis is being handled. >> tika, we'll follow the live protest for sure, aappreciate it. [ male announcer ] if you're only brushing,
7:28 am
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prevention and access to care. congress, make cancer a priority and give millions of americans what they need most.
7:30 am
checking top stories, a year-long investigation finds serious misconduct at dover air force base, in delaware. somehow, the remains of several u.s. troops killed in action were mishandled. even went missing.
7:31 am
the paper revealed more evidence of weapons work. and iran's president calls the findings fabricated. everybody relax. we all survived that fly by. it gave nasa scientists a rare close up. all right, political buzz. your rapid fire. look at the best political topics on the day. playing today, cnn contributor, maria cardona and pete. and chris metzler, from the anniversary guys in a news conference yesterday, herman cain flatly denied all allegations of sexual harassment. here it is. >>co( i have never acted inappropriately with anyone. period. >> no jokes, no laughs.
7:32 am
do you believe him? why or why not, maria? >> i think we all know the answer to that, kyra. i've been very public about standing up for one of the accusers who used to work for me. i do not believe mr. cain. but, that aside, even if i did not know one of the women who is accusing him, you really have to question him for him to flatly deny that nothing went on after four women have come out independently of one another to talk about these kinds of accusations. herman cane is not living in reality. he might be in his own little bubble, but it's not going to work for him anymore. >> reason number one, any time someone alleges there's a vast conspiracy, like hill ary clintn alleged a vast right wing
7:33 am
conspiracy. let's understand how sexual harassment works. i've investigated hundreds of these claims. sexual harassment does not occur in public. the harasser does it in private. and as it relates to the third reason, he keeps changing his story. which is it, dude? >> you know, i believed bill clinton when he said i did not have sexual relations with that woman. no, i don't believe herman cain. but there's a more important point here. our society is infected with thinking that women who come forward and accuse men or men who come forward. but certainly women of sexual harassment or rape, our society is infected with not believing them. that they're doing that for some kind of financial gain. i have two daughters. that's wrong. and we need to change that about our society. >> you know, you mentioned bill clinton. he and john stuart talked about
7:34 am
herman cain last night. >> i don't know if you saw the news story today. 49 million americans living below the poverty line. >> i thought you were going to say 49 million americans accused herman cain. living below the poverty line. go ahead. i didn't know where you were going. >> so, some other questions we would have liked to hear john stewart ask him on that note. but do you think that more women are going to come forward? chris? >> yes, absolutely. i think that more women are going to come forward. the interesting thing for me, here, is rather than talk about the facts and talk about what happened, he chooses to attack the women. so if, in fact, what he's saying is true, why doesn't he file a defamation suit against the women. why? because he's afraid that he will be called into court to explain what actually occurred. yes, more women are going to come forth and he forshadowed
7:35 am
that in his press kons conference. >> chris is exactly right. i thought that was the most bizarre moment yesterday in his press conference where he actually told people to be ready for other women to come out to accuse him of something. and, by the way, they, too, will be lying because he's done absolutely nothing inappropriate. again, it really limits -- strains the limits of credibility. he is asking voters to trust him with the highest state of office. he needs to do what he can do to clear his name. and i think he's going to have to face the music sooner or later. >> pete? >> i don't know if more women will come forward, but, kyra, i hope not. it means more women have been sexually harassed. i this in that clip that we saw, bill clinton has pointed out that 49 million americans are living under poverty. and i know john stewart and i
7:36 am
would venture what john is doing is criticizing us in the media who aren't focused on jobs and the 49 million people living in poverty and too focused on people like herman cain. >> all right, guys, buzzer beater, 20 seconds each on this one. asked about additional faces carved into mount rushmore. i'm curious, who would you guys pick? >> maria? >> it's interesting that they those ronald reagan. he would be chased out because he would be too liberal. he actually did tax the rich. so i would choose fdr. social security, the new deal, very popular wartime president got us out of the great depression. my husband thinks when you go to prison, fdr is there with his out stretched hands welcoming you. >> chris? >> i'm going to do something that's very anticonservative
7:37 am
here. and i'm actually going to choose j.f.k. and i think, if you look at his famous inauguration speech, ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for the country is really what we need now. and, by the way, he kept us out of, oh, i don't know, at least four wars. >> we've got f.d.r., j.f.k. pete? >> i think that we cannot put another white man on mount rush mor. i would rather it be something who looks like one of the two people on my panel with me. i tweeted this out earlier. who would you put on mount rush mor. i got about 50 to 60 answers. i think it would have to be a black american, a woman or perhaps a native american. >> whakt margaret thatcher? >> we're seeing the softer side of pete. wait a minute, did chris just
7:38 am
say margaret thatcher? >> i think it should be pete. pete's face should go on mount rush mor. >> it would be easy. it would be very easy. not a lot of symmetry. love all three of you, bye, guys. all right. stocks around the world selling off as political and economic turmoil in europe takes center stage. we've been talking about it all morning with alison. so, how are things looking here in the u.s.? still not great? >> things are looking ugly on wall street. you see how it's really picking um steam. and what you have here are stock investors watching the bond markets in italy because the italian yield, the italian bond yield is above 7%. that's a record high. it's a sign that italy is specially in a financial crisis. it shows there's little confidence that no wub wants to
7:39 am
owe money to italy. you compare it to other countries, their bond yields top 7% and they needed a bail out. i'm talking about greece, ireland and portugal. now the big worry is that itly may need a bail out, too. >> all right, al son-in-lalison. why some kids are exposing their kids to chickenpox with lollipo lollipops, that's up next. ♪ do you believe in magic?
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one of hip hop's most popular artists of the '90s died yesterday. you knew him as heavy d.
7:43 am
♪ >> as you may remember, this is one of dwight myers biggest hits, now that we found love. let's hear some details of what happened. what do you know, a.j.? >> well, kyra, heavy d collapsed in his home in beverly hills and died a short time later. they haven't determined the cause of death just yet. so many people are really in shock this morning. fans and artists alike because heavy d has been working a new album. he just performed at the michael jackson tribute concert. heavy d's career began back in 1987 with his group heavy d and the boys. he called himself the overweight lover. and he had hits like the overweight lover is in the house. he recorded songs with janet and michael jackson. and he was really known as a
7:44 am
good guy with a sweet sense of fun. his twitter page slogan was i have relentless optimism. later in his career, kyra, he shifted away from music. he did roles in a variety of tv shows. he's in the new film tower heist which stars eddie murphy. >> what's the deal with that? some comments forcing him to quit his job with the oscars? >> big foot in mouth situation here. brett ratnor used a gay slur. brett knows he made a huge mistake. it's very clear. he did release an open letter of apology to everybody over what happened. i want to read a portion of his letter. he says having love in your heart doesn't count for much if what comes out of your mouth is ugly and bigoted. with all of this in mind, apologies are not enough. please note that i will be taking real action over the coming weeks and months to do everything i can professionally
7:45 am
and personally to help stamp out the thoughtless bigotry that i've so foolishly perpetuated. he has resigned as the producer of this year's oscar telecast. this was a big deal for the oscars bringing in brett radnor to do the show this year. there's no word, kyra, on what this might do to ratner's hand picked host, eddie murphy. >> we'll follow up. a.j., thanks. if you want any information on breaking, a.j.'s got it. the show is tonight at 11:00 p.m. on hln. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment!
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this just in, we got some pretty dramatic pictures out of phoenix. interstate 10 shut down after two tanker trucks collided and caught fire. so far, there are only reports of one injury. but we're going to continue to monitor this story and bring you the latest. thanks to our affiliate there for bringing us those live pictures. you can buy a lot of things on the internet these days, including chickenpox-infected lol llipop lollipops. so what is going on? >> this is so crazy. i can't even begin to tell you. this is what's happening -- or was happening. there were facebook sites where parents would go and would be seeking out lollipops that an infected kid had licked. and then that parent would put it in the mail for the other parent so that that kid, the healthy kid, would get chickenpox -- the lollipop,
7:49 am
rather than have to get the vaccine. this is no longer up. but it use today be there. fresh batch of pox in nashville tennessee in q-tips, available tomorrow, $50, papal. not only is this illegal, but we're told you wouldn't get chickenpox from these things because you inhale chickenpox. you get it that way. you usually don't ingest it. >> so is getting this disease safer than the vaccination? >> that is what the parents think. they'd rather have their kid get the disease than the vaccine. but doctors tell us that is really, really hazardous to a child. i mean, chickenpox can kill a child, not to mention that it's incredibly unpleasant and the vaccine is very safe. so why would you want your kid to have a dangerous disease that could kill them when they could get the vaccine. none of it makes any sense. >> that is a pretty bizarre story. i don't understand why you would take that type of risk.
7:50 am
>> and why would you want to put another kid's spit into your kid's mouth? who knows what else that kid has? >> still ahead, we're going to introduce you to one woman who's making end roads in the male-dominated field of high-technology. help prevent cavities, and kill bad breath germs for a whole mouth clean. whooo... [ male announcer ] listerine® total care. the most complete mouthwash.
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7:52 am
introduces us to an african american woman who is a success in the high-tech world. >> different environments.
7:53 am
>> jackie bochamp is the founder and chairwoman of the company energized entertainment. sfwl this is an entrepreneur starting up a video gaming company. being a woman and african american, she was trail blazing many paths and doing so from right here in baton rouge, louisiana. >> born and raised there, she climbed the corporate ladder. >> there's not a lot of diversity. not just in the executive ranks, in the industry. and, you know, there are times, as an african american female, i was truly the only african american female in the room. >> then left that loneliness to follow her heart. >> i'm an electrical engineer by degree. so technology has always been at the heart and soul of who i am. but animation and multimedia is my passion. as a kid, growing up, watching
7:54 am
fat albert and the cosby kids, i'm seeing something that mr. cosby created and say one day, i want to own a company that knows how do that. >> and now she does. >> the biggest has been the release and launch and shipment of our first console video game, which is the college football video game experience. what we constantly kept hearing and seeing in the industry were, you know, not enough content that reflects the urban character. and those that were there, they were not portrayed in a very positive light. so our intent was to provide some different type of content into the market segment. >> up next, a documentary and then -- >> a dance-based music video
7:55 am
game on xbox 360, play station 3 and wii. it is not just for the african american consumer to only enjoy and experience. >> jackie concedes it's an uphill battle and embraces it. >> i'm an african american female. and every day, i know i've got to get people to see me and not that i'm an african american female. >> you can watch the special sunday night, eight eesz tern, right here on cnn. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm.
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7:58 am
all right. all eyes on the gop debate tonight and herman cain, joe johns in the hot seat. what can we expect? >> well, you know, you can't ignore all the stuff that's swirling around him. and there could always be some attention paid to cain's defense because it's in the headlines. but what's interesting here is that herman cain's issue has been taking such center stage. almost all of the republicans i've talked to say they're itching to get back to the issues. they want to unseat president obama. and these debates really try to touch on the issues that voters care about most. frankly, a lot of republicans frustrated with the amount of attention paid to herman cain and they'd certainly like to get back to these things. in a state like michigan, which has had so many economic
7:59 am
problems. >> we'll have a little fun here. republican candidates said who would you add to mount rushmore. pretty much everybody said ronald reagan. but you have some other answers? >> yes, provocative question, who should be the next president on mount rushmore. rushmore's 70th birthday is around october that just passed. reminders, george washington, thomas jefferson, theeodore roosevelt and ab lincoln. abc news asked this question and michelle bachman gave some answers that stood out. she said james garfield and calvin cooliage. she's sort of trying to do the same thing. and then there's the issue of


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